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     Welcome to my site!  It took over half a year of constructing and reaching all the composers for the show, but it was well worth it.

     If you are unfamiliar with the show's scores, they are orchestra based, use themes, and use melodic lines.  Primarily string, trumpet, cymbal, and flute based, the scores are some of TV finest music.  Please, if you are not familiar with the music, avail yourself of the samples on the Music page, and check the composers' sites for more!
As an added bonus, you can hear the title cards HERE.

     When Bruce Timm needed a composer for "Batman: The Animated Series", he met with Shirley Walker -- whom at first thought doing a cartoon would be a joke.  Her tune soon changed upon seeing the art work and the rest is history.
Walker brought some composers and in turn they brought in people they knew to the point where the show had 25 different composers.  Some only provided a handful of cues, but what a job they all did.

     Each episode score typically consisted of 14 to 29 players, including some of Hollywood's top musicians.  A sad fact of the matter is that the scores were recorded in Los Angeles, making the re-use fees a deterrent from official CD releases; this is not to impune Los Angeles musicians who are among some of the finest in the world, but rather the reality of why there are no CD releases as of yet.

     Walker wrote and recorded a theme which Timm then had the visuals put to -- something rare in TV or film these days.  Danny Elfman had been asked to do a theme, but he turned it down.  After completing her theme, Elfman changed his mind and they put aside Walker's theme.  Later when the series changed its name to "The Adventures of Batman & Robin", they resurrected her theme, and to not let it go, like Dennis McCarthy's un-used theme to "Star Trek: The Next Generation", Walker used the theme in a few episodes and it prominently became Batman's theme.

     Below what you have listed are all 25 known composers from the first three seasons of the series, links to sites and clips, and a review of most of the scores.

     Click on any episode name and it will take you to a review on a page for each season; each episode includes a picture that I feel either captures the mood or heart of the episode, or is just too good to pass on, and the orchestrator(s).

     If you worked on the scores, be it a composer, a musician, or an orchestrator, please do contact me, as I want a nice and thorough crediting for each episode.  And if your credit isn't accurate, also let me know.


* = Co-composed.
** = Additional score.
+ = Another composer shares additional score credit.

Jeff Atmajian
COMPOSER SITE (one Batman cue)
**"Feat of Clay -- Part 1"

Stuart V. Balcomb
WEBSITE (No Batman clips; no anything, for that matter)
OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE (six cues, on the left; scroll down -- under the B: TAS picture)
Interveiw with two cues for download
"Almost Got 'Im"
"Appointment In Crime Alley"
*"The Under Dwellers"

Lisa Bloom
WEBSITE (No Batman clips)
*"Fear of Victory"

Richard Bronskill
WEBSITE (Unknown whether there will be clips; STILL under re-design...)
"Moon of the Wolf"
"What Is Reality?"

Kritopher Carter
WEBSITE (Under re-design; no Batman cues)
SEPERATE WEBSITE (no Batman cues)

Steven Chesne
WEBSITE (Two clips)
*"Blind as a Bat"

Nerida Tyson-Chew
**"The Laughing Fish" (uncredited)

Lars Clutterham
*"The Under Dwellers"

Harvey R. Cohen, R.I.P.
WEBSITE (No Batman clips)
"A Bullet for Bullock" (BMI Film & Television Award)
"Batgirl Returns"
*"The Cat and the Claw -- Part 1"
"The Cat and the Claw -- Part 2"
"Cat Scratch Fever" (Emmy winning score)
"The Demon's Quest -- Part 2"
*"His Silicon Soul"
"Shadow of the Bat -- Part 2"

Wayne Coster
*"The Cat and the Claw - Part 1"

Peter Davison
WEBSITE (No Batman clips)
*"Harley and Ivy"

Beth Ertz
*"The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy"

Todd Hayen
WEBSITE (site under re-design, since forever -- don't hold your breath)
"Dreams in Darkness"
*"Heart of Ice"
"Joker's Wild"
"Second Chance"
"Tyger Tyger"

Carl Johnson
WEBSITE (No Batman clips)
"Beware the Gray Ghost"
*"Feat of Clay -- Part 1"
*"Heart of Steel -- Part 1"
"Heart of Steel -- Part 2"
*"His Silicon Soul"
"Time Out of Joint"

Tamara Kline
WEBSITE GONE NOW (retired from composing)
*"Heart of Steel -- Part 1"

Mark Koval
WEBSITE (One Batman cue)
*"The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy"
"Night of the Ninja"
*"Off Balance"

Brian Langsbard
WEBSITE (cue gone, at new site)
NEW WEBSITE (One Batman cue; NEW SITE [as of 1-14-09])
"The Lion and the Unicorn"

Michael McCuistion
WEBSITE (no Batman cues)
"Be A Clown"
*"Christmas with the Joker"
"The Demon's Quest -- Part 1"
*"Harley and Ivy"
"I Am the Night"
"Make 'Em Laugh"
*"Off Balance"
*"Pretty Poison"
"Riddler's Reform"

Lolita Ritmanis
WEBSITE (no Batman cues)
*"Christmas with the Joker"
"Eternal Youth"
"Harley's Holiday"
"It's Never Too Late"
*"Pretty Poison"
"The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne"
"The Worry Men"

Carlos Rodriguez
"Avatar" (a suite from that score on a promo CD)
"The Clock King"
"Day of the Samurai"
**"Fear of Victory" (two cues)
"If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?"
**"I've Got Batman In My Basement" (one cue)
"Robin's Reckoning -- Part 1"

James Stemple
WEBSITE (No Batman clips)
*"Blind As A Bat"

William T. Stromberg
**"Robin's Reckoning -- Part 2" (uncredited)

John Tatgenhorst
WEBSITE (One cue; previously called
+"The Mechanic"

Peter Tomashek
WEBSITE (still some work to be done, but up)
**"The Mechanic" (one cue)
+"Robin's Reckoning -- Part 2"

Shirley Walker, R.I.P.
"Baby Doll"
"Birds of a Feather"
*"The Cat and the Claw -- Part 1"
*"Christmas with the Joker"
"Deep Freeze"
*"Fear of Victory"
"Feat of Clay -- Part 2"
"Fire From Olympus"
"The Forgotten"
*"Harley and Ivy"
**"Heart of Ice"
"House and Garden"
+"I've Got Batman In My Basement"
"Joker's Favor"
"The Last Laugh"
+"The Laughing Fish"
"Mad As A Hatter"
"The Man Who Killed Batman"
"Nothing to Fear"
"On Leather Wings"
"Paging the Crime Doctor"
"Perchance to Dream"
*"Pretty Poison"
"Prophecy of Doom"
"Read My Lips"
"See No Evil"
"Shadow of the Bat -- Part 1"
"The Terrible Trio"
"Terror in the Sky"
"Two Face -- Part 1"
"Two Face -- Part 2"